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We produce innovative and effective design solutions that get tangible results – whether online or offline. We put creativity and passion into everything we do and form close relationships with our clients in order to understand them and the markets they are communicating with. This enables us to build clear, consistent brands and campaigns. We work with our clients to create intelligent, business-led solutions that help our customers grow and develop.


Having a new website designed at RippleHawk Web Design is a painless process.

Your new website will be designed to suit the exact needs of your business no matter if you need a single page online business card or a bespoke product management system, my packages and services have you covered.

We are all using a variety of technologies to access websites these days. Whether it’s smartphones, tablets, laptops, or desktops, web design must be able to function properly across all of these platforms. The traditional web design practices that designers are familiar with just don’t cut it anymore. Designers are now beginning to use responsive web design more and more.

So what exactly is responsive web design? Well, it’s an approach that configures a website to the size of the screen a user is viewing the site on. This means that users are able to have the same viewing experience whether they are using their desktop computer or their mobile phone. Let’s say you try visiting Facebook on your smartphone and then on your laptop: you’ll notice that the content, images, and layout will shift to fit your device’s screen.


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